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Norman Rockwell Fishing Kits


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Norman Rockwell is a prolific and prolific artist. From paintings of presidents and celebrities to illustrations for books and playing cards, there is no shortage of his art. Interestingly, he has a passion for fishing. You can now buy a Norman Rockwell fishing kit that includes a tin of the brand’s finest, two cigars and a pipe ashtray. In fact, Norman Rockwell was so enamored of fishing that he donated his signature to the Boy Scouts of America.

Aside from his work as a painter and illustrator, Rockwell also created artwork for advertisements for a number of companies. He also painted a mural for the Nassau Inn in Princeton. While his art career did not last long, he did leave a legacy in the form of more than a few memorable works. There are several surviving examples of Rockwell’s work, many of which are on display at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Cimarron, New York. This collection of art includes over 250 paintings.

As an example of his artistic accomplishment, Rockwell’s most notable contribution is the “God Bless the Hills” mural that graces the wall of the Nassau Inn in Princeton, New Jersey. The painting was done in 1912, but it was not finished until three years later. After a brief stint as a freelancer, he returned to the Boy Scouts in 1926. It was this time that he started contributing to the official Boy Scouts of America calendar.

Despite the fact that his art was not commissioned by the likes of a Boeing, Rockwell did manage to find time to contribute to the post’s most famous creation, the annual calendar. Some of his most notable work for the Scouts includes the famous “Brown & Bigelow Four Seasons” calendars, which have been reproduced in a variety of sizes since 1964. His most recent painting, of Colonel Sanders, was done in 1973. Many of his other notable works are on display at the Norman Rockwell Museum.

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