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Carpet Repair Tools


carpet repair tools

Carpet Repair Tools

A variety of carpet repair tool  are available that can help you repair damage to your carpeting. Some common forms of damage include stains, burns, bulging and rippling.

Stains are caused by many things in the home – shoes, drinks, food, pets and other items. They can become permanent if not cleaned up.

Bulging and Rippling are also very common and can be caused by a variety of factors including pets, furniture, and a child. They are often difficult to remove, but can be repaired by a professional carpet repair specialist.

DIY Carpet Repair: Must-Have Tools for Patching, Re-Stretching, and Seam Fixing

Repairing a Ripple

One of the most common causes of a rippling in your carpet is when the padding beneath the carpeting wears down. This causes the carpeting to pull away from the tack strips, which results in a rippling of the carpet.

The best way to resolve a rippling is by having GM Carpet Care restore your carpeting with professional stretching techniques. This will eliminate any rippling and make your carpeting look like new again!

Carpet Stretching Tool

To fix a rippling, carpet technicians use a special power stretcher. This equipment uses a drive coil and a magnet to create an electric field that induces a current in the hot melt tape underneath the damaged area. This causes the adhesive to melt and flow into the carpet backing.

Once the adhesive has bonded, use a star wheel carpet seam roller to blend the new piece with the old. You may want to also comb the patch with a natural fiber brush, to ensure that your new repair looks seamless and blends into the rest of your carpeting.

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